Toys for storytelling

Discover. Share. Imagine.

Let your imagination be free with our shadow theater!

At Coco d’en haut, we have been creating a universe around shadow theater since 2012, to discover stories, share them and invent them.
We offer shadow theaters with a unique design in rigid cardboard.
Your children will be able to play with our silhouettes of shadows.
They will discover classic tales as well as original stories, and thus develop their imagination and their self-confidence.
Théâtre jouet pour enfants Coco d'en haut
Shadow theater for kids. Ideal Christmas gift. Suitable for children from 5 to 10.

What is shadow theater?

It is originally an oral tradition. It is the art of telling stories through the play of shadows and silhouettes.
Modernized today, the theaters we manufacture are made of high quality cardboard. We only use French, recyclable and recycled materials.
Our silhouettes of shadows are unique, and the box contains a small booklet with the staging of the tales.

How do I use it?

You can assemble the theater with our paper and video instructions.
All equipment is provided.
A smartphone holder is offered to cast shadows on the screen.
Pre-cut, the silhouettes are ready to be used directly.
Easy to assemble for immediate use, and easy to disassemble to take anywhere.
The theater and all the accessories are stored in a small box.

Why offer a theater to children?

It is known, kids need to express themselves, and their learning also involves listening and playing.
Our theaters will then allow them to increase their self-confidence. They will aso appreciate these privileged moments with you.
It’s another way to tell the story before bed.
shadow theater for kids
Les formidables

Why our theatres?

Our theaters have been designed and handcrafted in our workshop.
They are made from good quality materials, recyclable and recycled materials.
Our toys and all their components are made in France.
They are produced by a small family business.
Different from the puppet theatre, our boxes offer the possibility of creating your own silhouettes.
Telling a tale in Chinese shadows is more than just a story, it’s a show, it’s magic, it’s a dream…