Toys for storytelling

Our Story

Coco d’en haut came to light in 2012 through the desire to create a universe around shadow theatre.

Our inspiration comes from tales and legends of the world, antique toys from the era of puppet showmen and the Chat Noir cabaret, in the Paris of the late nineteenth century.

The shadow theatre briefcase with which we had launched Coco d’en haut is a real little playful friendly shadow theatre, a support to the imagination of children, who take turns to become actors and spectators of their games, sharing the happiness of narrating.

Since then, our range has expanded, new tales exploring different cultures, a creative kit to create your own

silhouettes, an animal alphabet book to learn the alphabet, a witch and her broom, a rearing horse, an astronaut, knights and dragons, and even an Eiffel tower….

And to project all these amazing silhouettes on the walls, a shadow theater! An exclusivity of Coco d’en haut.

Toys designed with care from manufacture to conception in our Marseille workshop. A 100% French production, showcasing the know-how of local enterprises and the utilization of simple environmentally friendly materials.


Original creations, dreamed up by Laurence Villerot, scenographer and stage designer



Our products:

Shadows theater in a little suitcase.

Cardboard theatre shadows, made in France.

Coco d’en haut is based on the Chinese shadow theatre tradition and offers a genuine experience of shadow plays as seen in a real theatre!

An Original and exciting way of stories and sharing them.

4 available versions.

The stories available in English, in German, in Spanish and in Italian.

The pockets shadows tales

News tales and news silhouettes, this pack can be used to project on the wall or with the Coco d’en haut shadows theater. Another way for storytelling.

The pockets shadows silhouettes

Six silhouettes to imagine and animate the stories of Chinese shadows on the walls with a simple light or with the Coco d’en haut shadow theater.

Pouches with various themes: space, pirates, Alice, fortified castles, dinosaurs, La Fontaine’s fables and Paris to imagine an adventure or state your favorite universe….

The articuled shadow puppets

A great treasure hidden in a fine brown wrapping

package: two articulated shadow puppets.

Once assembled with brads, those precut shadow puppets, will become

the heroes of stories invented by the kids themselves.

Spotlight of chine shadow’s silhouettes

Shadow(s) is a smal1 spotlight of Chinese shadows’ silhouettes. Thanks to the quality of its luminous source, the shadow is always

clear and accurate.

You can create cardboard silhouettes,

by hand, but also superimpose various objects and discover the result of these amazing shapes. A booklet gives you some examples.

Imagination has no limits.

The box to make shadow puppets

Creative leisure’s
This kit contains everything necessary to make shadow puppets.
ln this beautifully 56-page colored booklet you will read the history of shadow theater and find all the instructions to create your own shadow puppets.

Alphabet animals

With its original drawing this game makes learning the alphabet a real fun time.

The letters can be associated visually with the animal’s silhouettes.

They more easily memorized.

3 games of association and a game of Chinese shadows: ideal game for all the family, for story-telling and for learning the alphabet.